Day 3: Press Coverage on

Read the write-up in about Anja’s walk from Clonakilty to Rome.

If you’ve followed Anja’s Live updates every morning around 9:30 a.m. on Facebook, you’ll know that Anja’s feet took a while to get enthusiastic about the 2400+ KM walk from Clonakilty to Rome. The reason: the wrong footwear. It turns out that excruciatingly sore feet are trying to tell you something. Aching feet beyond the realms of the tolerable are a sign that something is wrong. Who would have thunk. After a day or so of believing that those shoes had finally been beaten into sole-mission and were now officially “broken in”, Anja had to concede that, when her Mammy used to say “listen to your body!”, and she ignored it, she probably regretted it in the long run, as – Yes! – Mammy is (almost) always right.

So, it turns out that when your feet are bleeding, they are actually screaming at you to take off those torture-devices that have been sold to you as “(sp)hiking boots”.

Luckily, Anja had a back-up pair of Sketchers, to be worn at the end of a day once the walking was done. These would now replace said hiking boots and give her feet at least temporary relief. And once Anja reached Midleton, the kind staff in pointed her in the direction of some Regatta hiking shoes, which seem a much better fit. And what’s more, Carmel Nic Airt, former principal and founder member at Gaelscoil Mhichíl Uí Choileáin in Clonakilty, has very generously agreed to sponsoring Anja’s footwear for the duration of her walk. Thank you, Carmel, you’ve averted many a blister.

If your name is Carmel, or even if it isn’t, you can always support Anja the good old-fashioned way. Just click on the button and you will make a less-sore wanderer very happy indeed!