Of Ballads and Bunting

Of Ballads and Bunting

Anja Bakker and Sean the Harp together have been the successful duo ‘The Flauting Harper’ from the time they first met in 2009. Since then they’ve been enchanting audiences throughout France, Spain, the Netherlands, UK and Ireland with their performances in music, song and stories. In 2010 they travelled on foot from West Cork, where they are based, to Santiago de Compostela. This let to their commitment to walk and play daily which is what they practice to this day.


In 2010 they joined the female poetry collective ‘Catch the Moon’  with whom they performed throughout Ireland and then joined the writer/poet/columnist/novelist Tina Pisco to form the performance poetry trouppe ‘Gifted Eccentrics’  which has built a reputation for making one ‘either smile or cry’ they joined forces with the ‘Bog Canon’s Performance Roadshow’ but have also worked with the poet Paul Casey and were at the front of the experimental electronica act ‘Illusion Creation’ until its demise in 2014. They feature regularly in local and national festivals like The Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival and the Fermoy Historical Conference and also work in healthcare settings and practice ‘Harp meditations’ for yoga and meditation classes..


Their sound is strongly influenced by the world they live in and a mix of Irish local, Celtic World travelling bard translated through ballads and Bunting, improvisation and Old Music.


They released their first album ‘Of Ballads and Bunting’ in June 2017 and are finishing up their second album ‘From Here To Santiago’ both recordings were engineered by the talented Dan Guiney.


Their performances have been described as: ‘Mesmerizing’, ‘stunning’, ‘hypnotic’ and ‘unbelievably beautiful and relaxing’. ‘She draws you in and then… out you come on the other side, different, if you know what I mean.’

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