“And Then I’m a pilgrim once more! #fromheretojerusalem”

I promised people I was going to do daily video updates again cause looked back I realise that not only did they really help me with keeping my head on straight while walking to Rome (talking through the experience and recounting the experience) they created lasting connections and memories with both my friends and loved ones as well as with complete strangers.

Afterward though I did feel that recording live on Facebook ended up being too limited and it was difficult enough to download the videos to a hard drive. So I decided I’m doing the live videos on my YouTube channel

The Flauting Harper

instead. If you want to get notifications for the live videos you can subscribe to the channel or alternatively follow me on social media and find them there or alternatively here on the blog after the recordings.

Walking boots that’ll have to carry my from Clonakilty to I’m hoping at least Vienna on #fromheretojerusalem

I did the first update as an introduction to my new adventure #fromheretojerusalem

And then I’m a pilgrim once more!

After getting my self made pilgrim’s passport stamped in my local church the

Church of immaculate Conception Clonakilty

And so I become a pilgrim once again!

Sean the Harp waiting to get on the road again in the office if Casey’s Bar in Clonakilty
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